Spring of Kleite

169cm X 105cm

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

6.000,00 TL
12.000,00 TL


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Before the Argonauts could retrieve the Golden Fleece from Kolchis (Colchis), they encountered various hardships and violent confrontations. One sad event involved King Kyzikos (Cyzicus). The king welcomed the Argonauts when they arrived he even interrupted his marriage celebration to be a good host. When the Argonauts sailed away they became disorientated and accidentally returned to Kyzikos's kingdom in the dead of night. Kyzikos thought that his barbaric neighbors were attacking and led his army against the Argonauts King Kyzikos was killed in the fray.Kyzikos had just married Kleite (Cleite) and the two young lovers had not consummated their vows when Kleite learned of her husband's death, she placed a noose around her neck and ended her life. Apparently, her suicide took place in a wooded grove the Nymphs of the grove were so distraught at Kleite's death that a fountain was created from their tears the fountain was appropriately named Kleite.