Keepers of Garden of the Hesperides

110cm X 170cm

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

5.000,00 TL
10.000,00 TL


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The Hesperides - Keepers of Garden of the Hesperides & the Golden Apples The three lovely daughters of Hesperus, the Hesperides, were selected by Hera to have the honor of tending her sacred garden. Each of the Hesperides had specific roles in the beautiful garden: Hespera: The meaning of the name Hespera is 'Light of Evening'. Hespera was in charge of watering the sacred apple tree Aegle: The meaning of the name Aegle is 'light, radiance, glory' in reference to sunrise. Aegle was in charge of polishing the Golden Apples so they shone with Heavenly light Erytheis: The meaning of the name Erytheis is 'The Red One', in reference to sunset. Erytheis was in charge of pruning and tending the sacred apple tree.