Asli Kutluay

Born : 1970
Hometown : Ankara / Turkey
Lives & Works : Ankara / Turkey
Education :

1992 Middle East Technical University – Ankara , Industrial Design, Diploma, Turkey
1994 Bilkent University – Ankara , Faculty of Fine Arts, Master Degree, Turkey


Asli Kutluay, designer and artist, born in 1970, has held solo and group exhibitions in Istanbul, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Nice, Strasbourg, Rome, Milan, Florence, Montreal, Bratislava, Seul, Chicago and Singapore. Dreaming being the core of her inner soul for joy of life and her vivid creativity, Asli Kutluay takes strong interest in presenting her country’s cultural diversities, dilemmas and richness. She transmits her observations into evocative stories she displays in her paintings and installations, in which she presents her innermost  interpretations for other dreamers. The galleries represents her are Arteria Gallery (Canada), Armaggan Art & Design Gallery (Istanbul), Galeri Eksen (Istanbul), Platformarmony (Ankara), Kav (Ankara) NK Gallery (Washington DC). She also works with Carre d'artistes and have exhibited her works in their London, Strasbourg, Montreal, Milan and Istanbul galleries.

2018 "Ama's Place", Curator Beral Madra & Vittorio Urbani 2-14 May Çankaya Municipality Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2018 Formeo, Şişli-Istanbul
2017-2018 B&T Design Ankara Showroom Exhibition Hall, Ankara
2017 "Melting Point", Design Week - Trend Area Eco-Bio, Lütfi Kırdar Convention Center, Istanbul
2017 "On The Road", Kadriye Zaim Conference Hall, Atılım University, Ankara
2017 "Spice Melange - 8∞ Çeşit Baharat", Platform A by Armoni Art Gallery, Ankara
2017 "Melting Point on The Road", Sbodia32 Project Gallery, Italy
2016 "Melting Point on The Road", Elgiz Museum, Istanbul
2016 "Melting Point", Magazzino Gallery - Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Italy
2015 “Serotonin 2” Atatürk Culture and Congresium Center Eskişehir, Turkey
2015 “Serotonin 1” PlatformArmony Ankara, Turkey
2014 “I’d rather be a dreamer” Artifact Gallery New York USA
2013 “Moments” Kav Ankara, Turkey
2013 “Asli’s Design Atelier” Galeri Eksen Istanbul, Turkey
2012  “Women with the Red Shoes” CER MODERN Ankara, Turkey 
2011 “Mikrokozmos” Galeri Artist LAB  Ankara, Turkey
2011 “Vengo Dall Anatolia” Roma Ufficio Cultura e Informazioni Ambasciata di Turchia, Italy 
2010 “Artistania” Artem Gallery Bratislava, Slovakia 
2010 “I come from Anatolia“ Belgian Residence Ankara, Turkey
2009 “Alchemy of Dance” Bilkent Center Art Street Gallery Project Ankara, Turkey
2008 “Melting Point Design Works” I-DECO Istanbul, Turkey
2007 “Design Works” Istanbul Design Week Istanbul, Turkey