Canan Celik

Born : 1956
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :

London Aylestone High School (1974)

Vienna Modeschule - Hetzendorf, Textile and Design (1979)


For as long as I can remember, my happiest moments have been those spent in a creative process. Ever since I was a child, exploring art through any accessible means - be it fabrics, paint, glass, paper, clay or simple objects - has been a natural way of expressing myself.

After graduating from Vienna Modeschule, she has worked in different sections of Textile and Fashion between 1979 and 1996. She has been involved in making art with different mediums since 1996. From 2003 on, she attends SARA AJI Ceramic Atelier.

She has participated in group exhibitions and now she lives & works in Istanbul. 

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